The wind farm is located on the high ground along Chepstowe‑Pittong Rd between Carngham-Streatham Rd and Mortchup‑Mount Emu Rd. The site for the wind turbines is shown in the map below and consists of cleared farming land.

Chepstowe Map

Site Location (click to view larger)

The site receives undisturbed wind flow with strong, consistent wind speeds, and enjoys large setbacks to dwellings. The local electricity grid runs alongside the site, and there are no tourist attractions or large roads in the immediate area.

Wind Farm

Each of the three Senvion MM92 turbines has a capacity of 2.05 MW, making the total capacity of the wind farm 6.15 MW. The turbines have a hub height of 80 m and a blade length of 46 m, making the maximum overall height 126 m (to the tip of the blade).

The turbines are separated from each other by approximately 400 m with access tracks between them leading to the site entrance on Chepstowe-Pittong Road. All cables within the site have been laid underground up to the Control Building and from there to the connection point at the nearest power pole.

Ownership and Management

Future Energy will manage the ongoing operation of the wind farm on behalf of the owners who comprise both overseas and local Australian investors. All the parties involved are strongly committed to helping Australia transition its energy production towards zero emissions renewable technologies such as wind and solar.

The wind farm site is monitored continuously over the internet to ensure that any faults or issues are immediately identified and rectified. In the event of an emergency the wind farm can be shut down remotely and appropriate authorities will be contacted by the monitoring staff. Please Note – the site is private land and is not accessible to the general public.