The wind farm will be located on the high ground along Chepstowe‑Pittong Rd between Carngham-Streatham Rd and Mortchup‑Mount Emu Rd. The site for the wind turbines is shown in the map below and consists of cleared farming land. The current farming activities will continue unchanged after the wind farm is built and operating. This site was chosen for the following reasons:

  • It receives undisturbed wind flow with strong, consistent wind speeds
  • There are large setbacks to nearby dwellings
  • It is relatively distant from tourist attractions and major roadways
  • The existing land use is grazing and cropping, and therefore there will be minimal impact on flora or fauna
  • It is in close proximity to the electrical grid and offers easy site access.

Chepstowe Map

Site Location (click to view larger)

Project Details

The Chepstowe Wind Farm will consist of three turbines each with a capacity of up to 2 MW, making the total possible capacity of the wind farm 6 MW. The turbines will have a maximum hub height of 80 m and a maximum blade length of 50 m, making their total possible height 130 m (to the tip of the blade). The total construction cost is estimated at some $18m, and the working life of the wind farm is expected to be 25 years.

The turbines will be separated from each other by at least 400 m and access tracks will be laid between them. It is planned that the wind farm will connect directly to a nearby 22 kV powerline, and all cables will be laid underground up to this connection point. It has been confirmed that no night lighting will be required.

Setback Distances

The setback distances of this wind farm site are excellent and exceed even the most stringent expectations. Apart from the landholder's residence, there are no occupied dwellings within 2 km of the wind farm as the table below shows.



Occupied Dwellings

1 km
2 km
3 km





Future Energy’s agreement with the  Landowner stipulates that the wind farm must be decommissioned at the end of 25 years at the cost of the owner of the wind farm, not the landowner. In addition, the wind farm Planning Permit contains a condition stipulating that the wind farm site must be returned to its former state once the turbines are decommissioned and generation ceases.

Traffic Impacts

The first phase of construction will involve truck traffic bringing materials for foundations and access tracks, while the second phase will include the delivery of the turbine components. Each turbine requires approximately seven trucks in order to be delivered. Subject to approval from the relevant authority, Chepstowe Pittong Rd may need to be closed for brief periods during the turbine delivery phase.

After construction the wind farm is commissioned, which requires regular monitoring of performance by technicians and maintenance personnel. These visits will only involve standard vehicles and relatively small numbers of people. Once the farm is operational, the site will only be visited for scheduled maintenance approximately twice per year by personnel in ordinary vehicles.